Adoring the Yoni and Lingam – Tantric Massage

Have you ever felt the need to be touched in a deeper, more meaningful way?

Tantric massage is an invitation to discover a higher level of pleasure and connection. Shiva and Shakti are the main protagonists of the Tantric tradition. They represent the masculine and feminine energy, the Yin and Yang, the Sun and the Moon.

Both men and women can benefit from tantric massage, as Shiva and Shakti are present in all of us.

The aim of tantric massage is to awaken the vital energy that is in all of us.

It is a journey into our inner self, a journey into the sacred temple of our being. As we connect more deeply with our energy, we become more aware of our body, our breath and our heart.

Tantric massage helps us to awaken and activate the chakras, the energy centers of our body. The heart chakra, for example, is related to love, openness and compassion. By awakening this chakra, we become more aware of our capacity to love and to be present in the moment. Tantric massage is an invitation to explore the highest dimension of pleasure and connection. It is a path to freedom, to the full expansion of our consciousness.

Tantric massage is performed in a sacred temple dedicated to Shiva. The temple is full of vital energy and great beauty. Tantric masseurs are very present at the moment of the massage and are totally focused on the person receiving the massage.

Worshipping the Yoni (female sex) and Lingam (male sex) is one more way to honor and worship the sacred temple of woman and man.

In India, Shiva is always represented with an erect phallus, with all his strength and energy. It is also represented a stone Lingam inserted in a Yoni symbolizing the union of Shiva and Shakti.

With tantric massage, the energy is awakened and concentrated in the Yoni or Lingam, which awakens an overwhelming magnetism and attraction. If there is no conflict in the person with sex, with the feminine or the masculine, then there arises from the heart an impulse to worship it.

It is only energy. It is called energetic polarity.

Massage therapists are energetic beings and as such, our energy responds. It is very important the control and training of the masseur to be able to sustain the energy that is awakened in the client and our own sexual energy without getting carried away by it.

For the masseur it is very important and necessary to be present, to breathe and to remain centered in the heart.

Tantric massage is a unique and intense experience, it is a way to awaken the vital energy of the body. No matter the gender, age or body shape, everyone is worthy of being honored.

If the massage is from the heart, even though sexual desire may arise, there is no intention other than to accompany the client in the process of healing, pleasure or connection. This is what differentiates us from other massages.

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